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The Xander Coombs Memorial Trophy
Darts Fundraising Event 2015

In September 2014 our son Xander would have been 10yrs old. Dave and I decided we wanted to raise money and awareness in his name for his 10th year. Being great lovers of darts (Dave playing, me watching) we decided to look at the possibility of a darts tournament. Hayley and Chris attended January's support meeting and as Chris played darts for a rival darts team they offered to help find a venue. 


The venue was Taffs Wells Ex Serviceman and Social Club who would let us use the room free of charge and speak to the BDO about borrowing some boards. Secretary of the Club - Lyn was amazing and helped so much in the preparation. Dave and I ordered some trophies for the winners and then in memory of Chris & Hayley's little girl Elsie as a thank you for helping with the venue, the Highest Check Out Trophy was in her name. 


On the night we had 22 players, 12 men and 10 women. Mostly non players with no experience, which made for a fun and entertaining evening. The men's finals were made up of father and son Dave and Scott Powles and the ladies were Nicola Powles and Hayley Machin. 


We had a break to draw the raffle just before the final and also to sing Happy Birthday to Dave and present him with a minion birthday cake. Thank you to everyone who bought and donated prizes. 


The finals were played at the same time and the tension and anticipation filled the room. Son beat father and Hayley beat Nicola. We had our first winners of the Xander Coombs Memorial Darts Tournament. Scott Powles and Hayley Machin took home £66 in prize money and a trophy. Scott also won Elsie's Highest Check Out Trophy. 


                                                                                                Heatherjane Coombs


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